December 2010


Web Design

Landing page size 3400x3400 pixels, with objects placed on it. But on the screen, the page is displayed only fragmentarily, and each fragment contains information corresponding to a specific page. By programmatic means, the user, using the site menu, "moves" from one fragment to another.

Modern coins of the UAE dirham in real life are minted from white metal, but for the site I depicted them as "gold", for a more harmonious combination with the surroundings and colors of the restaurant.

Dirkhem 01
Dirkhem 02
Dirkhem 03
Dirkhem 04
Dirkhem 05
Dirkhem 06
Dirkhem 07
Dirkhem 08
Dirkhem 09
Dirkhem 10
Dirkhem 11
Dirkhem 12