November 2006



In 2006, I came across such a phenomenon as social dancing, in particular: salsa, bachata and merengue. The very first and, perhaps, the legendary dance school in Krasnodar, teaching salsa, is "Salsa Kubana", which was founded in 2004. It can be said that the overwhelming majority of the current Krasnodar salsa schools are from this very place.

Nowadays "Salsa Kubana" is a whole dance center where not only Latin American dances are taught. Among other things, there are children's training groups for a variety of dance styles.

The name "Salsa Kubana" is a play on words. In the Spanish word УCubanaФ the first letter was changed, which is why УCubanФ became УKubanФ (as the name of the local river).

Previously, the school already had a logo, but it was necessary to make it more accurate, and to limit the color scheme, avoiding the unthinkable rainbow colors. However, it was decided to keep the compositional component of the old logo: a dancing couple, palm trees and an inscription crossing the circle. Social dances imply an evening club pastime, so УeveningФ colors were chosen: purple and ruby (turning into beige УsunsetФ).

Salsa Kubana 01
Salsa Kubana 02