April 2004



The Latvian limited liability company УDigimoneyФ is directly related to the УWebMoneyФ payment system. Accordingly, the logo that I developed for the company is fully used to promote the mentioned system.

In 2004, a competition was announced on the site for the development of a logo. We, me and my friend who acting as a manager in our professional tandem, have applied for participation.

The idea of my version of the logo was to transform quite a material coin into a digital state expressed by symbolic pixelation. As a result, the tender organizer really liked this idea, and we won the competition. Prior to the final acceptance of the logo by the customer, it was necessary to make minor adjustments at his request, in particular, to enter УpixelsФ more accurately into the circle of the УcoinФ.

With the spread of the payment system in the Russian Federation, we noticed that the customer independently (due to his logo ownership rights) changed the font in the name, as well as the general color scheme. However, this did not cause us any rejection.

Digimoney 01
Digimoney 02
Digimoney 03